Intro to Tmux

For instruction on how to install Tmux see here

Tmux allows you to navigate and switch panes with ease. Here are some of the most powerful and useful commands to get you started:

tmux # start a tmux session

tmux new -s session_name # starts a new session with the name session_name

tmux attach -t session_name # attach to a previous detach session

tmux ls # list all you detached sessions

Commands in Tmux

Once you have entered Tmux, you now have the ability to make panes. You do so with the leading key, with by defaul is Control B (Ctrl-B, know as C-b below)

C-b " # split the pane vertically

C-b % # split the pan horizontally

C-b (Arrow Key) # Move from pane to pane

C-b x # delete a pane

C-b d # exit tmux

C-b $ #rename your session

C-b z #zoom in one pane, press again to zoom out

C-b ? # display a list of all tmux commands, press q to quit

C-b c # create a new window

C-b n # cycle through windows

C-b [0-9] #Go to the designated window

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